Survey: 70% of millennials say they would date a mixologist

Dating a mixologist

According to a new survey, 70% of millennials would date a mixologist. Pictured is a bartender from Providence in Los Angeles making a drink. 

(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

If someone claims to know how to make a good cocktail in a dating profile, are you more likely to swipe right?

According to a new survey, commissioned by Southern Comfort 100 Proof, being able to make a cocktail can boost your chances of getting a date.

The liquor company commissioned a survey of 1,001 people aged 21 to 34, who are unmarried and drink at least one alcoholic drink per month. The survey found 70% of participants said they would date a mixologist.

And note the survey used the term “mixologist” rather than “bartender.” Is there a difference? According to some of the top drink-makers in Los Angeles, including Vincenzo Marianella of Copa d"oro in Santa Monica, there isn’t one. In an interview last year, the renaissance barman claimed he named his cocktail consulting business MyMixology to make fun of the word “mixology” (and the website MySpace).


Not a career mixologist but just know how to make a single good cocktail? You’re still in luck. According to a separate question, making a good drink is enough to impress 93% of the participants.

When it comes to specific liquors, almost 10% of those polled said they’re intimidated by whiskey. Bad news for singles when you consider the fact that whiskey happens to be the base for many classic cocktails, including the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. 

The survey also found 44% of the participants plan on staying in and cooking dinner at home for Valentine’s Day. 

So study up on those cocktail recipes. Valentine’s Day is about a week and a half away.


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