Cocktails, appetizers and desserts worthy of any winning Oscar party


Chances are, you won’t be wearing vintage Armani and waving to adoring fans with a bejeweled hand Sunday night. (Unless that’s how your version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” plays out.)

But what can make Oscar night special are a few gorgeous appetizers and a sparkling cocktail. Get dressed up or stay in your weekend mode. Invite your friends and family, nibble and sip and cheer and boo.

We have dozens of appetizers that are as simple as a few ingredients to dishes that are more complicated. Dessert can go either way too. Look through the California Cookbook for hundreds of dazzling tested recipes from The Times test kitchen.


PHOTOS: Recipes for a great Oscar party

For cocktails, there’s the Golden Boy. It looks and sounds cinematically cheery. Tangerine Ratafia takes advantage of the season’s best fruit. Or keep looking here.

Champagne nuts would be nice. Cheese and spinach rolls will make the vegetarians and everyone else happy. Crab cakes are fitting to the occasion.

For dessert, these smaller chocolate flourless cakes, bourbon balls, spicy cherry chocolate brownies or Joan’s on Third vanilla cupcakes will bring a nice end to awards season. Here are a bunch of desserts for your consideration. (See what just happened there?)

At the end of the night as your guests leave sated with sardines with chermoula, marinated olives and black bean hummus, remember to thank your agent and the Academy.



Photos: Recipes for a great Oscar party

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Desserts: Winning ways to end any Oscar evening