A new pot vending machine with marijuana-laced treats could be coming to California


In the mood for a marijuana-laced brownie or lemon bar? Imagine walking into a pot dispensary, bypassing the line and getting the snacks you need from a vending machine. It could be a vaporizer, a pot brownie, a marijuana-infused drink or any of your favorite products from your local dispensary.

American Green, an Arizona-based medical marijuana dispensary brand owned by the Tranzbyte tech company, is hoping to make that experience a reality with its new pot vending machine, Zazzz. The machine will allow users to swipe an ID for age verification, then make a purchase.

“The idea is that we are a technology company and we looked at how to apply some of the technology we have to an industry that might be growing up and could use that sort of thing,” said Tranzbyte chief operating officer Stephen Shearin. “Grocery stores have a speedy checkout, and why should a dispensary be any different?”


The machines are temperature-controlled and capable of storing a variety of marijuana and pot-infused products. Each potential dispensary owner with a Zazzz can choose his own products and customize the exterior design wrapper around the machine.

American Green is developing a line of Zazzz marijuana products, but Shearin said no one is under obligation to purchase any of them.

Shearin said there are multiple security measures in place to ensure that people using the machines are doing so safely and legally. The machines use age verification software and have multiple security cameras in place. If someone does purchase something they’re not supposed to, he said, the machine is able to track the product.

The name Zazzz serves as a way to get rid of the negative stigma sometimes associated with marijuana usage, Shearin said.

“You need an exciting name for a fun machine to get the narrative out there,” he said. “Let’s get this out there, make it easy for people to get their medicine and get out of the shadows and not get looked down upon.”

Tranzbyte is hoping to have the machines installed in pot dispensaries across the country. The first machine is operating as a test at a dispensary in Colorado in order to give ample time to regulatory boards and councils to observe it in action. It’s currently selling 19 different products including pot-infused snacks.


Shearin said he’s hoping to have locations in California within the next two months.

“With the machine you have no sick days, no overtime, no 401(k), and it frees a dispensary person up to consult with someone,” he said. “I’m making about 17 a week and I’m already behind.”

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