Check out the ultimate ramen guide: 42 styles, plus illustrations

Ramen guide

The ramen 2.0 poster guide by Berkeley-based ramen enthusiast Fanny Chu.

(Fanny Chu)

If you’re willing to spend an hour or more waiting for a bowl of steaming broth and noodles at Daikokuya or Tsujita, you may be interested in the ramen poster.

Berkeley-based ramen enthusiast and author of the blog Japanese Foodie, Fanny Chu, has created what she calls the ramen poster 2.0. It’s a ramen guide that features 42 different styles of ramen, complete with illustrations and information about what goes into each bowl.

Ever heard of tori-paitan ramen, made with chicken broth? What about Yamagata cold ramen? These, along with the popular tonkotsu ramen and tsukemen (see: the outstanding dip ramen at Tsujita) are all included. 

Chu, who says she tried her first bowl of ramen at Ajisen Ramen (a ramen chain with multiple locations in Southern California), just wanted to explore more types of ramen. So she created a Kickstarter to fund her ramen guide. Her goal was to raise $3,000. She’s already raised almost $10,000. 


“This ramen guide will come in handy when preparing for the next ramen adventure and planning out destinations to try out 42 regional flavors in Japan,” Chu said in an email to The Times. 

A trip to Japan to eat 42 types of ramen sounds like a great idea.

Chu also has a Japanse snack poster guide with 25 types of munchies, including daifuku (mochi filled with something sweet), yakitori (skewered meat) and takoyaki (ball-shaped snack commonly made from wheat flour and minced octopus). 

Information on purchasing the ramen or snack posters is available on Chu’s Kickstarter page. 


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