UCLA student creates a ‘ramnut’ -- ramen burger doughnut


A 21-year-old political science major at UCLA has created what could be the next culinary phenomenon. Josh Scherer, who writes the blog Culinary Brodown, is making a “ramnut.”

The new Frankenstein food combines the idea of a ramen burger and a doughnut into one freakish dessert that includes instant ramen noodles, eggs, prepared horchata and nonstick spray.

“Everyone is trying to make the new ramen burger,” said Scherer. There’s ramen pizza, ramen tacos, ramen lasagna, ramen grilled cheese, but no one has actually gone sweet. So I figured why not try my hand at it?”


For his ramen creation, Scherer was inspired by all the kugel he ate as a child. He applied that same flavor profile to his “ramnuts.” After sitting around on the couch, knocking ideas back and forth with his roommates, he decided to use horchata in his doughnuts.

“The texture is similar to kugel, because it’s eggy and kind of dense, but sweet,” said Scherer. “People say this is the grossest thing they’ve ever seen because it’s kind of jarring when you cut into it and see the actual noodles. But it’s deep-fried starch and sugar, so I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t taste good.”

Wanting to do a play on traditional doughnuts, Scherer made a custard-filled chocolate-covered doughnut, a jelly-filled powdered doughnut, and a doughnut topped with frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

To find out what they taste like for yourself, Scherer has the recipe posted on his blog.

And if you’re looking to purchase the rights to the name “ramnut,” Scherer says his provisional copyright is officially on sale.

“Looking for $50 and an Olive Garden gift card,” writes Scherer on the Culinary Brodown. “Get at me, Dominique Ansel.”


And when he’s not making “ramnuts,” he’s also available to write haiku poems for $35.

Now I want some ramen, and a doughnut. Follow me on Twitter @Jenn_Harris_