The Sriracha key chain bottle may change your life


It’s happened to almost every Sriracha fan at some point in their lives. You’re at a pizza restaurant or your local burrito spot and realize with horror that there’s no Sriracha around.

The guy at the pizza counter offers you red pepper flakes, and the nice woman making your burrito hands you a bottle of Tapatio, as if that’s going to help the situation.

A Sriracha bottle key chain called Sriracha2Go could be the answer to having a little of your favorite hot sauce on hand, at all times. It’s a 1.25-ounce, pocket-sized bottle with a key ring, meant to be filled with Sriracha.


The manufacturers borrowed the iconic red bottle and green cap combination from Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha, but instead of a rooster, the mini bottles have an illustration of a dragon.

We’re imagining chile heads busting this bottle out at tailgates, Mexican restaurants and the next time Grandma decides to make her special, but extremely bland, chicken and rice casserole.

And when you’re hit with a mad craving for Sriracha while you’re out walking your dog (don’t even pretend it hasn’t happened), you can just squeeze a little straight into your mouth for a quick fix.

The bottles are $7 each and shipped empty so you can fill them with your favorite brand of Sriracha.

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