Taco Bell launches delivery service


The next time you’re having a house party and a craving for a bacon chalupa or Doritos Locos taco sneaks up on you, just order delivery.

Taco Bell is using delivery service DoorDash to make deliveries in more than 90 cities, with more than 200 restaurants participating in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Dallas areas, the company said in a release Wednesday.

That means depending on your ZIP Code, the entire Taco Bell menu will be available for delivery, including Crunchwrap Supremes, seven-layer burritos, Gorditas and more.


You can order through the DoorDash website, or use the DoorDash app for iOS and Android.

Hot, melty quesaritos and grilled “stuft” nachos on your couch, without having to ever leave your house, just became a reality.

There is a delivery fee, and it depends on where you’re ordering from. A quick search this morning shows a delivery to a Pasadena address from a Pasadena Taco Bell location is $1.

According to Taco Bell Chief Executive Brian Niccol, delivery was the company’s No. 1 request from consumers.

The Irvine-based company started testing delivery with DoorDash earlier this year and is evaluating expanding the service to additional areas nationwide.

If the delivery service is not available in your neighborhood, Taco Bell suggests tweeting at them using the hashtag #TacoBellDelivery.


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