Wine Wednesdays: 91-year-old Tam O’Shanter gets in the groove

Tam O’Shanter, the 91-year-old Los Feliz restaurant, is getting in on the fun and celebrating Wine Wednesdays along with a good part of the rest of the world.

On the day that’s halfway to Friday (some call it Hump Day), the hoary Scottish-themed restaurant takes half off select bottles of wine. The word “select” is key. Don’t plan on nabbing that $112 bottle of 2005 Sebastiani “Cherry Block” Cabernet you’ve been coveting.

But you can find some pretty astonishing deals.

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Manager John Lindquist explains that the special list of 15 to 20 wines changes frequently.

Right now he has the 2008 Beaulieu Vineyard BV reserve “Tapestry,” normally $77 for $39 and the Jarvis Vineyards Lake William Estate Meritage, normally $94 for $47.

Prefer to drink white? Try the Sonoma blend from Bedrock Wine Co., usually $50, for just $25.

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And if somehow you don’t see a big slab of “Prince Charlie Cut” extra-thick prime rib on the bone in your future, you can go with something from the cheese and charcuterie station. Every day from 5 p.m. on, choose from a selection of 12 cheeses and four or five cured meats, all hand-sliced to order.

For something more substantial but not as daunting as that giant prime rib, you can also order a large or small bite from the pub menu. You could pair that bargain bottle of Cab or Pinot with a prime rib or beef brisket sandwich and eat like royalty on the cheap. If you feel like something a little lighter, make room for a classic turkey sandwich.

Now, do you feel better? Think you might make it through the rest of the week?

Sure, you do.


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