Tender Greens chef lives a home brewer’s dream

For its whole animal roast, Tender Greens has partnered with a brewery to create a special beer.
(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Eric Hulme, executive chef at Tender Greens in Hollywood, discovered home brewing a few years ago, and he dove-in head first. He’s just completed the kind of project that every home brewer dreams about: a collaboration beer with a local commercial brewery. Hulme teamed up with El Segundo Brewing Co. for a special beer to feature in this month’s Tender Green’s Whole Animal Roast, and the cherry-infused farmhouse ale is ready for the spotlight.

El Segundo Brewing, which is known for their hoppy West Coast-style ales, has just completed an expansion to its brewery, and the newly added production capacity means the brewers can tackle some new projects. First up is the collaboration with Hulme, who inspired the brewers to reach outside their comfort zone for an experimental beer which they are calling Schot in Het Donker -- Dutch for “Shot in the Dark.”

Thomas Kelly, founding partner of El Segundo Brewing, said, “We had Eric come for a brew day and get his hands dirty while we chatted about what sort of beer might be fun to brew together. After thinking about our relationship, as well as Tender Greens strong ties with the Farmer’s Market, we decided on Saison ... with an addition of 350 pounds of local cherries after primary fermentation.”


Schot in Het Donker will be available exclusively on draft at the Tender Greens locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, and you can get a sneak taste of the brew at El Segundo Brewing Co.’s tasting room on Saturday and at Tender Green’s whole animal roast on Sunday.


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