Thanksgiving is coming. Do you know where your turkey is?

Thanksgiving is coming. Do you know where your turkey is?
If you want a Thanksgiving turkey this beautiful, you need to start planning now. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Thanksgiving is still three weeks away, but guess what: If you want your first choice of a great specialty turkey, you'd better get your order in soon. The best birds fly off the shelves, particularly at the smaller butcher shops and markets. A couple of places we contacted were either already sold out or nearly there.

We'll have more next week on what the various definitions mean and exactly who is growing what birds. But for right now, here's a quick list of which stores are supplying which specialty turkeys. If I've missed somebody, let me know at


Bob's Market in Santa Monica: Heritage and organic Diestel Farms turkeys. (310) 452-2493,

Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres: Heritage, organic and free-range Mary's turkeys; non-GMO Mary's turkeys at Lazy Acres stores.

Farm Box LA: Free-range Mary's turkeys, delivered. Limited supplies; order by Nov. 20, (888) 888-8590.

Fish King in Glendale: Free-range and organic Shelton turkeys. (818) 244-2161,

Gelson's: Gelson's brand free-range and organic, Diestel free-range, organic and heirloom, and a limited supply of Empire Kosher, Huntsinger and Shelton's.

Good Eggs: White and heritage BN Ranch, delivered. Order by Nov. 19.

Gourmet on Wheels: White and heritage BN Ranch for delivery. Gourmet on Wheels.

Harmony Farms in La Crescenta-Montrose: Free-range Harmony Farms. (818) 248-3068,

Harvey's Guss Meats in Los Angeles: Free-range Willie Bird, limited supplies. (323) 937-4622,

Local Harvest website: Several varieties of heritage birds for online order.

Marconda's Meats and Puritan Poultry in Los Angeles: Free-range and organic Willie Bird. (323) 938-5131,

McCall's Meat and Fish in Los Angeles: White heritage from BN Ranch. (323) 667-0674,

Taylor's Old-Fashioned Meats in Sierra Madre: Free-range and organic Shelton's. (626) 355-8267,

Ventura Meat Co. in Ventura: Pasture-raised, heritage, organic and original Diestel, limited supplies. (805) 648-6942,


Whole Foods: Heritageand free-range Mary's, and Organic and Natural Diestel as well as kosher and brined,

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