Video: A tiny hamster eating tiny burritos will mesmerize you

There’s a video on YouTube of a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos; it has more than 800,000 views at the time of publication, and it was posted only Tuesday.

It starts with some classical music and a man chopping ingredients on a wooden cutting board. He’s mincing chicken, cilantro, tomatoes and more. Then things get interesting.

He takes a tiny tortilla, fills it with the tiny ingredients (using tweezers) and wraps a tiny burrito. A dentist’s mini mouth mirror is used to inspect all sides of his creation.

He then sets up a dining area, with a chair for the hamster made of colored pencil boxes and a mason jar table with a napkin table cloth. A poker chip is used for a plate. But to really make it fine hamster dining, there are makeshift “lights” strewn between two mini wooden poles to set the mood.


As the hamster crawls onto its colored pencil box bench and up to the table, the chef holds his breath and stares in anticipation. He takes a burrito and places it on the poker chip with his tweezers.

The hamster devours two burritos. The end.

The video, which seems to be the first episode of a series by Youtube comedy channel HelloDenizen, gives no explanation for the mini burritos, hamster or random dental instruments. All we can conclude is that when tiny hamsters are given tiny burritos, it’s hard to stop watching.