Introducing the world’s first beer pong ball-washer

Beer pong ball-washer
The Clean Cup, an automatic beer pong ball-washer is designed to keep beer pong balls clean.
(The Clean Cup)

When you’re playing beer pong, and don’t pretend you haven’t, dirty ping pong balls are often a problem. Sure there’s the wash cup (a cup of water you rinse the balls in before playing each turn), but what good does that do if they’re all going into the same wash cup, especially after your ball ricochets into a pile of dirt or rolls onto someone’s bathroom floor? 

Tyler Dobush, founder of the Clean Cup, the first automatic beer pong ball washer, wanted to find a solution. He turned a college engineering project into a way to wash beer pong balls.

Dobush has set up a Kickstarter campaign for his invention, and he’s hoping beer pong fans with a penchant for cleanliness will help him raise the $40,000 he needs for production.  

“Everyone loves beer pong, but nobody likes a set of dirty balls,” says Dobush in a promotional video for the Clean Cup. And he manages to keep a straight face. 


The washer uses the combination of a high-pressure stream of water and bursts of air to wash the ball. Just place the ball in the washer, which looks like a plastic cup, and after a five-second wash, the ball floats back up to the top of the cup, ready for use.

The Clean Cup comes with a removable and reusable filter, so you’ll never have to deal with dirt, hair or half-eaten Doritos in your beer pong cups again. 

And if you’re thinking $40,000 to build a beer pong ball-washer sounds ridiculous, check out the World Series of Beer Pong X. It’s an actual beer pong event in Las Vegas with hundreds of teams from around the world. And the winning prize? $50,000. 

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