Farmers market report: Meyer lemons are in season. We have recipes

Meyer lemons are in season.
Meyer lemons are in season.
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What’s in season: Beyond the soft, smooth skin and bright, floral aroma, Meyer lemons are perhaps best known for their sweet flavor, a sharp difference from the jolt of acidity common in other lemon varieties.

Generally in season from the late winter months through early spring, the plump, dark yellow-orange lemons are a cross between a lemon and an orange, and were first imported to the United States from China in the early 20th century by the man whose name they bear, Frank N. Meyer.

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What to cook: Slice Meyer lemons very thinly, and add to salads or top muffins or cakes before baking as a garnish for extra flavor and texture. Squeeze the juice to flavor a simple lemonade, and incorporate the juice to add bright notes to savory sauces and marinades. You can also use the juice as a base flavor in custards, granitas and ice creams. And don’t forget the peel: Candy the peel and rind to use with desserts, and finely grate the zest to flavor everything from vinaigrettes to whipped cream. Check out some of our favorite recipes.

What’s on the horizon: Blood oranges, normally in season from late winter into early spring, are turning up at various stands.


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