Pears are in season. We have recipes.

Seckel pears at the Santa Monica farmers market.
(Noelle Carter / Los Angeles Times)

What’s in season: Did you know that the Bartlett is the most common pear grown in California? California, Oregon and Washington state are responsible for most of the pears grown in the U.S., with a season that extends from late summer through the end of fall. In addition to Bartletts, other varieties you’ll spot at market stands include the buttery Warren, the sweet Comice, the creamy Forelle and the small Seckel, also known as the sugar pear. Most of the pears you find, even at supermarkets, are actually varieties that have been around for hundreds of years or longer.

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What to cook: At their peak, ripe pears are best enjoyed as a simple snack or sliced and added to a cheese platter or salad. Peel and poach them with wine and spices for a rustic dessert, or puree with cooked squash or vegetables for a savory side. They’re often used as a sweet finish to a meal, baked into cakes or dessert gratins, tarts and pies.


What’s on the horizon: Beets, normally in season from late fall through the winter months, are showing up, with colors ranging from deep garnet to brilliant gold, vibrant white and even candy-striped markings.


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