Filipino rice bowls and Korean tacos at the new Ord & Broadway in Chinatown


DJs J.P. Modesto and Getty Lustre have opened a new Filipino-inspired restaurant called Ord & Broadway in Chinatown.

Lustre, who has worked at Redbird, Michael’s and Patina, is making familiar Filipino dishes including tapsilog rice bowls as well as a variation on his mom’s lumpia topped with XO sauce, pickled papaya and cured egg shavings. You can also expect adobo oxtail over roasted bone marrow served with slightly sweet pandesal, and for dessert, ube funnel cake ice cream sandwiches.

For the record:

3:15 p.m. Jan. 14, 2019In an earlier version of this post, a photo caption identified a dish as a tapsilog bowl; it is a garlic pork ribs bowl. Also, the article said the restaurant serves lomo saltado; it serves tallarín saltado.

“Ord & Broadway is really just food that Getty and I love to eat,” Modesto says. “A lot of it is from our [Filipino] roots. But we have everything for everyone. Growing up in L.A., this is our culture. We’re a melting pot. It’s really Los Angeles food.”


To this end, Lustre has five types of chicken wings on the menu, from sweet-and-spicy and Buffalo styles to wings rubbed with Japanese togarashi. He’s also making tacos with Korean bulgogi, carnitas and fried shrimp. A pulled pork bao comes topped with pork floss.

Elsewhere, there’s a traditional Peruvian tallarín saltado along with garlic pork ribs Modesto hopes will connect with Chinatown locals and a Thai chicken curry he suspects is their sleeper hit.

Without a beer and wine license, Ord & Broadway is serving fountain drinks and its own creations, like a lychee-mint-strawberry drink inspired by a cocktail at Modesto’s wedding.

“I know there’s a big Filipino movement in L.A. right now,” Modesto says. “We want people to see how that food can intertwine and work with other cuisines. And at the end of the day, of course, it’s really all about flavors.”

304 Ord St., Los Angeles, (213) 947-3094,