Follow that food truck

Follow the food trucks like a pro. Since they’re constantly on the move, here’s how to find some favorites on Facebook and Twitter. Where multiple, non-truck-related Facebook pages exist for a given truck name, we have provided a website. Entering Facebook through an official website is the best way to ensure that you are getting to the truck’s authentic Facebook page.

Kogi, @Kogibbq;

The Grilled Cheese Truck, @grlldcheesetruk;

CoolHaus, @coolhaus;


Nom Nom Truck, @nomnomtruck;

Dosa Truck, @Dosatruck;

Barbie’s Q: @BarbiesQ;

Komodo: @Komodofood;

The Lardon Truck, @getyourlardon;

Frysmith, @frysmith;

Lobsta Truck, @lobstatruck;