Easter: Recipes, egg decorating tips, L.A. brunch restaurants and more

Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen director Noelle Carter shows how to make homemade "peeps" as Easter treats.
Easter eggs 101: How to boil an egg

Tips and a recipe for hard-boiled eggs, just in time for Easter.

Replicate the Cadbury Creme Egg? Crazy, you say. Try it.

The Cadbury Creme Egg. Famous among candies. The Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen sets out to re-create it.

How to boil an egg

Leg of lamb: Impressive — and impressively easy

A leg of lamb will leave dinner guests drooling. Its rich quality lends itself to all sorts of big flavors. Best of all, it's easy to prepare.

Kitchen tips: Give a sheen to your Easter eggs (plus 22 recipes)

Give a sheen to your Easter egg following this simple tip

Forget the messy dyes: 7 unique ways to decorate your Easter eggs

Easter egg decorating tips from DIY blogs include tattoos, drawings, glitter, decoupage, fingerprint art and rubber stamps.

Weekend project: Homemade 'peeps' recipe for Easter

Recipe and tips for making marshmallow "peeps", perfect for Easter

Chefs: Hold the egg, please; not every dish needs one on top

Jonathan Gold makes a plea to L.A.'s chefs: If you add egg to a dish, make sure it serves a real purpose.

14 spring-fresh recipes for Easter

Tell me how you do it -- hard-boiling an egg

Kitchen tips: Easter egg decorating ideas (and recipes)

Creative tips for decorating Easter eggs

Use up those extra Easter eggs

From deviled eggs to empanadas to sable cookies, ideas abound to use up those extra pastel-colored hard-boiled eggs.

Homemade 'peeps'? These chicks rule.

Homemade 'peeps'? The Easter marshmallow treat has its fans and detractors. But they can be easy to make, and you can add flavors and get creative.

Foods at the heart of Easter celebrations in Scandinavia

Oranges, lamb, herring, cake, bread, eggs. Norway, Denmark and Sweden all enjoy different holiday dishes, but they share a focus on the feast.

Rabbit dishes are regaining popularity

Rabbit, considered a patriotic dish during World War II, later went out of fashion. But as game meat regains popularity, so has rabbit.

The California Cook: Stuffed leg of lamb — it's worth the effort

This Easter dinner dish with its bold stuffing of bitter greens, salty feta and green olive sauce is really not that complicated, and it will be a hit with your guests.