5 Questions for Kevin Kathman

Kevin Kathman is the executive chef at Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, recently opened in the space that was Lilly’s on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. The Minnesota native attended culinary school in Vermont, worked under Thomas Keller at French Laundry and staged at acclaimed kitchens including L’Arpège in Paris and Daniel in New York. When he’s not serving up classic Southern-inspired dishes at Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Kathman can be found experimenting with fresh finds from the farmers market or a foraging trip.

What’s coming up next on your menu? I’ve been working on building up our charcuterie offerings so they can extend beyond our bar menu. Coming up we have a rabbit and quail terrine wrapped in bacon, and a pork and pickle terrine.

Latest ingredient obsession? Lately it’s sunchokes. You can prepare them in all sorts of ways.

Favorite kitchen soundtrack? Any Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers.

What’s your favorite breakfast? I love chilaquiles — we even serve them on our brunch menu. I’m also passionate about making hollandaise sauce; it’s one of the mother sauces. Right now I’m doing a super lemony brown butter hollandaise on our Benedict Florentine.

The last cookbook you read — and what inspired you to pick it up? I’m currently reading Edna Lewis’ cookbooks. For me they parallel Julia Child’s books but with a Southern slant, of course. It’s refreshing to read a book from someone so passionate with so many stories.


Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, 1031 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, (310) 392-2425,


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