On National Grilled Cheese Day, a nine-layer masterpiece


In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen director Noelle Carter whipped up the mightiest of all grilled cheeses -- a nine layer creation that pulled in pesto, fried eggs, carmelized onion and so much more.

Here’s her how-to:

The sandwich starts out simply enough. Take a couple slices of bread -- sturdy bread -- and stuff the sandwich with a layer of cheese; I prefer sharp cheddar. Place the sandwich on a lightly buttered hot skillet and start to grill. When the first side is golden-brown, flip the sandwich over.

As the second side starts to brown, top the already-grilled side with another cheese and a little something extra -- say, mozzarella and sliced tomato.


PHOTOS: How to build this sandwich

Flip the sandwich over and do another layer: perhaps provolone slathered with pesto. Flip it over and, well, you get the idea: Some of the layers might include fried egg and Cotswald cheddar, then creamy gorgonzola with grilled onions -- and don’t forget brie and bacon.

If you’re feeling really adventurous (and who isn’t at this point?), get creative: Philly-style sliced beef and Monterey jack, followed by crunchy Tater Tots and Velveeta.

Final layer? Mac ‘n’ cheese, of course. Afterward, I’d recommend battering it and deep-frying your masterpiece à la the Monte Cristo, but we don’t want to get extravagant here.

This sandwich is kind of like a turducken -- but with cheese. Don’t forget to serve it alongside a simple bowl of tomato soup. Grilled cheese always tastes better with tomato soup.



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