Pizza for Boston: Compassionate Redditors send pies -- a lot of them -- after tragedy

The Reddit community Random Acts of Pizza is behind an effort to send hot pies as a way to reach out to those in Boston affected by Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon.

And the effort reportedly resulted in a flood of pizzas to Boston.

Messages on the board went something like this: "Would love to provide pizza to any displaced Boston runners, family members or Boston Police/Fire Departments."  Another offer was sent out to "someone hosting or displaced in Boston. From Kansas City, with love."

As CBCNews explains, Redditors buy pizzas using their own dough. They mail a gift card to the recipient or simply call a pizza place, order the pie and have it delivered.  A pizza recipient might be a hungry student or someone who's in a bad way.

The RAOP sub-Reddit site says the purpose is to "restore faith in humanity, one slice at a time."

Reddit fans responded wholeheartedly to the pizza effort, even sending pizzas to hospitals where the injured were being treated.  It was sometimes too much. An edit to the thread Tuesday said some hospitals weren't able to accept the pizzas. 

But the thanks were coming in from Boston on Tuesday on Reddit: "A note from Boston - thank you. You guys are awesome."

As the Daily Dot reports, Redditors' acts of kindness didn't stop with pizza. There were offers of car rides, airline points and more. 


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