Roy Choi teams with Spam

Call it jumping the shark, or does Roy Choi love Spam enough to team with the brand and its “first ever spokescharacter” Sir-Can-a-Lot? Choi, he of the-food-truck-movement fame, is partnering with ham-in-a-can Spam for its latest social media promotional campaign, along with Sir-Can-a-Lot.

Choi and Sir-Can-a-Lot will be featured in a Spam blitz on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Choi’s Kogi BBQ was what Newsweek called “the first viral eatery,” using Twitter to help customers track the food truck’s location. Now Choi will use social media to help push Spam.

Choi, the chef behind Kogi, Chego, A-Frame and Sunny Spot, also created six recipes that feature two new Spam varieties, jalapeño and black pepper.


He’s no stranger to the canned pork product. Chego’s menu features a kimchi Spam bowl -- fried rice with Spam, scrambled eggs, baby bok choy, butter and toasted sesame. And here’s a recipe for Choi’s Spam and kimchi musubi.

In fact, his feelings for Spam run deep. “The Spam brand echoes my passion for connecting the world together in celebrating how many families survived and prospered, seeing the can as a sense of hope and as a delicious mainstay,” Choi said in a release.

“This recipe creation has allowed me to also more intimately connect with my Korean heritage, Hawaii and with all immigrant families that made their way to America. This partnership reflects my missions of flavor, honesty and social creativity and gives me the chance to work with one of my favorite ingredients and show others its versatility.”


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