L&E; Oyster Bar adds a second story

(Russ Parsons/Los Angeles Times)

L&E; Oyster Bar, everybody’s favorite little seafood shack in Silver Lake, is getting a little less little. Tonight L&E; is opening its second story – an extension that will roughly double the seating capacity to nearly 100.

The upstairs version of L&E; will focus almost entirely on appetizers and cold dishes – oysters and some of the new fish “charcuterie” being cooked up by chef Spencer Bezaire. Think dishes such as beet-cured salmon, like gravlax served with Meyer lemon crème fraiche; house-cured tuna belly, called mojama, with harissa; albacore rillettes, served in their own little sardine cans; and assorted seafood terrines and sausages.


It’s all going to be very casual, says L&E; co-owner Tyler Bell, with no table service. Instead, you’ll place your orders at the bar and your food will be brought to you at your chair or bench. “It’ll be kind of like a wine bar,” he says.

Prices will be in the same range as downstairs – oysters run from $2.25 to $4 each, and most of the appetizers will be less than $15. Operating hours will be the same as well, except that the upstairs will be open an hour later, until 11 p.m. on weeknights and 1 p.m. on the weekends.

1637 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 660-2255.



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