It’s a hot one: 23 cold recipes to help you keep your cool

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Los Angeles, you’re wilting. It looks like Southern California decided to skip spring and plow headfirst into summer.

The mercury is hitting triple digits in some parts of the Southland. By week’s end, we could see temperatures in the low 70s, but until then, there’s some sweltering to do.

If you’re lucky enough to live in air-conditioned luxury, stay there! Everyone else is looking for ways to stay cool -- and that’s a problem, come dinner time.


RECIPES: Cold, cold dishes

You certainly don’t want to be caught slaving over a hot stove.

So what to eat?

We’ve combed the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen’s archives for 23 recipes -- photo gallery above -- that are best served ice cold. We’v got soba noodles, chilled soups, ceviches and, of course, gazpachos galore. (For you overachievers, we even have a recipe for homemade soba noodles.)

What are you eating and drinking to stay cool on this seems-like-summer day?


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