Culinary riches of L.A. get richer with a new Malaysian restaurant

Toast cut in halves on a plate
Ipoh Kopitiam’s menu covers a span of Malaysian curries, soups and rice and noodle dishes — but think about starting with kaya toast and coffee.
(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

Ipoh Kopitiam, a new Malaysian restaurant in Alhambra, is notable for its Malaysian-style white coffee, restaurant critic Bill Addison writes. The beans are “roasted in margarine with sugar and salt, a mix that’s typical for creating the distinct sweetness of white coffee.” For brewing, “a staff member pours boiling water over the grounds in a sock-shaped cloth strainer that’s suspended over a tall metal pot. A swirl of evaporated milk lightens the bubbly froth that forms at the top of a full mug.”

What to order with your coffee? Toast. Specifically, slices of toast sandwiched with coconut jam.

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Chef and co-owner Kenji Tang, who grew up in Ipoh, a city in northwestern Malaysia, has a menu that also includes Malaysian curries, soups and rice and noodle dishes, “but his attention to the sweet staples of his youth reveals the heart of his ambition.”

There are surprisingly few Malaysian restaurants in Los Angeles, Bill writes. After Ipoh Kopitiam opened in January, “word spread quickly about the new cafe and its true-minded cooking.” Read Bill’s review here.

— In case you missed it: Bill visits the latest iteration of Shunji — now on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. Shunji Nakao is “one of the quiet architects behind L.A.’s sushi culture,” Bill writes. The creations at the new location? “Amazing.”

— A new generation of Jewish deli and bagel-shop owners in Los Angeles is benefiting from new connections and a willingness to share practical information — even trade secrets, Jean Trinh reports. Short on ingredients? No problem. The top bagel machines? Best practices for lunch service? “There’s just a feeling of community and sharing, like everyone wants everybody else to do well.”

A woman sitting in a restaurant booth, holding a drink and wearing what looks like jade jewelry.
Chifa’s attractions now include edible jade jewelry.
(Samuel McGuire / Jarod Wang)

— Eagle Rock restaurant Chifa has a menu that’s known for its Chinese, Peruvian and Taiwanese offerings. Now the owners have added a new “jade” jewelry line — made from sugar. “The green bangles, pendants and bauble-y rings have that signature translucency associated with jade,” Stephanie Breijo reports, “and are so marbled with wisps of white and seafoam they might be confused for the real thing, but they’re entirely edible — cultural touchstone as candy.”

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