Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club kitchen cited for hot dogs on the floor, expired curry

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Donald Trump‘s ritzy Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, reportedly costs $200,000 in membership fees alone, but that high price point does not necessarily guarantee that everything is perfectly in order in the kitchen. Now a new report alleges that state health inspectors found more than a dozen violations in the Mar-a-Lago Club’s kitchens in an inspection in November.

The Daily Mail reports that Mar-a-Lago is checked annually by the state of Florida, and it says state documents show the club’s November inspection included several problems in the kitchens.

The report allegedly cited 15 violations, including a failure to properly track the freshness of some foods, including curry sauce that reportedly had a use-by date of October 21, which was allegedly improperly marked and in the freezer during the November inspection. Other infractions cited included milk stored at 49 degrees instead of 41 degrees, and cases of hot dogs reportedly found being stored on the ground in the walk-in freezer.


Still, the Daily Mail says the Mar-a-Lago kitchens passed the inspection, in spite of the 15 alleged violations.

Last year, state health inspectors reportedly found 13 violations in the club’s kitchens, including raw fish for sushi that had not undergone parasite destruction, raw meat stored at too-high temperatures, and broken coolers. After that inspection, health officials reportedly came back a week later for a second inspection to make sure problems had been fixed.

Only two violations were reportedly found during the club’s 2015 inspection, compared with 11 in 2016, 13 in last year and 15 during the inspections in November. To stay healthier this year, check out the best and worst health news of 2017.

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