Man in Ibiza club drops $42,500 bottle of Champagne: Watch the costly spill

The Daily Meal

In a cringe-worthy video originally posted by Ibiza Club News’ Facebook page, a man spills an entire magnum of expensive Champagne on the dancefloor of a bar. The unidentified person is speculated to have been a club employee because he’s wearing an earpiece. Several clubgoers on their cellphones captured the terrifying moment, which eventually made its way to YouTube.

And to make matters worse, the fallen bubbly allegedly wasn’t cheap. According to The Drinks Business, the high-end bottle has been widely reported to have cost around £30,000 ($42,500). (The Drinks Business also astutely points out that the size of bottle involved might better be described as a “Jeroboam,” which is 4.5 liters.)_It’s unclear which brand is being used in the video, so it’s difficult to verify exact value.

“Worth 30k? Lick that s--- up off the floor, all of it!” samuricexful wrote on Youtube, to which Pixelsquad Design replied, “Towel and drain into a pan.”

“The big explosion looked cool though,” a Youtube user only identified as “Kevin” said.


“He took a spill in Ibiza,” Jonathan Payne punned, referencing a popular song by recording artist Mike Posner.

Forty-two grand is a lot of money to spend on wasted booze. At least it wasn’t Goût de Diamants 19-carat, $1.8 million bottle - one of the world’s most expensive bottles of Champagne.

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