Toblerone to roll out ice cream bar in the UK

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The Daily Meal

Pyramid-shaped chocolate bar brand Toblerone will be rolling out an ice cream bar coated in their nougat filled chocolate in the U.K. in the coming months.

The Mondel?z International product features a chocolate and honey ice cream base coated in milk chocolate, honeycomb bits, and almond nougat mix-ins, according to its description on the U.K. supermarket Tesco’s website.

According to social media users, the ice cream bar is already sold in places like Lebanon and Dubai despite the fact that the product is not listed on the Toblerone website for those areas.


The ice cream bars are listed on the websites for U.K. supermarkets like ASDA and Tesco and will be sold in multi-packs for around £3 ($4.20). There is no word on whether the chocolate ice cream bars will come to America at any point. The Daily Meal has reached out to Mondel?z International for more info.

However, citizens of the internet (no matter where in the world they are) are freaking out about the cult chocolate brand’s new product.

Could this new Toblerone ice cream stand up against any of the treats in the world’s 30 best ice cream parlors?

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