Cakewiches are tiny cakes. So you can eat more of them, right?

(Hanna Carter / For The Times)

55,019: The number of cakewiches Lisa Olin and Elizabeth Belkind make per year at their Los Angeles bakery Cake Monkey.

The miniature cakes are 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches across. Imagine a perfect 2-layer cake, enrobed in melted chocolate, a modern take on the Hostess Ding Dong that fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

It takes 8,600 pounds of cake batter to produce all those little cakes, which in turn requires 644 pounds of flour, 860 pounds of sugar and 860 pounds of butter. And after the cakewiches are baked, at 325 degrees in a convection oven, they require a substantial amount of frosting — 4,814 pounds of it, to be specific. To produce that? 2,751 pounds of butter and 2,063 pounds of powdered sugar.

Cake Monkey currently makes 6 kinds of cakewiches: chocolate and vanilla cream; a gluten-free version of the chocolate-vanilla cake; yellow cake with peanut buttercream and marshmallow; raspberry red velvet; vegan chocolate strawberry; and gluten-free birthday cake made with vanilla cake, pink vanilla buttercream and confetti sprinkles. All those chocolate-vanilla cakes are covered with 2,751 pounds of chocolate glaze (made of 2,400 pounds of dark chocolate. And the confetti for the birthday cakewiches? Cake Monkey goes through 60 pounds of it annually.