Fitness trackers worth checking out

Omron pedometer
The Omron HJ-112 model is a simple pedometer that costs about $28.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Fitness trackers are all the rage. But how to choose one?

First off, know what you’re looking for. Fitness trackers and pedometers are great for walkers and runners but not as adept if, say, you’re a swimmer or cyclist. And if you are not a gadget geek, save yourself the grief and go for a simple model.

Shop around, read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. In the meantime, here are two of our go-to devices:

The One: This model from Fitbit tracks steps, stairs, sleep and more. A little larger than a AA battery, the One can be discreetly worn on your waistband or bra strap, or slipped into your pocket. However, its size and placement require vigilance to make sure it doesn’t end up in the washing machine, or, um, knocked into a toilet bowl. Setup requires nominal tech know-how, and it syncs across a variety of devices. Fitbit’s software also allows you to track food intake, if you are so inclined. $99.95 at


Omron HJ-112. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, which is why we love this pedometer. Just strap on and go. Slide it into your pocket, or use the holder to wear it on your waistband, but just remember it’s there, especially when going to the bathroom. (It’s powered by a watch battery and has a slightly bulkier profile when used with its holder.) If you like this model, you might want to buy two. Omron appears to be phasing it out in favor of sleeker models. About $28 on Amazon.


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