Jessica Alba’s Honest-to-goodness stress relievers: meditation, hot yoga, spin class with friends

Jessica Alba says a workout with friends can be like meditation.
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Jessica Alba is a one busy woman. The Golden Globe-nominated actress is co-founder of the Honest Co., a billion-dollar personal care and home goods business. She recently launched Honest Beauty, a collection of skin care and beauty products. We’re more than a little curious about how she juggles it all:

How did your fitness and wellness routine change after children?

It went away completely. And then I had to make myself get back to it. I had no idea there was something called “Me Time” — that you have to carve it out because it’s not just going to magically appear. For me, it’s just as much about mental health and fitness, feeling connected to your body, being able to clear your mind and having the space to shut down and that’s just as important as getting the blood flowing.


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What was the most unexpected challenge to fitting in your fitness and wellness routine after you had kids?

Just time. There is no time! I find that the only time I have to really work out is really early in the morning before the kids wake up and go off to school.... That’s usually about 45 minutes.

The Honest Co. was inspired by your kids, but not many people know it was also inspired by your own childhood.

The Honest Co. came out of me wanting to have safe and effective products for my family. I was a very sickly kid, and I have very sensitive skin. I just wanted to create the safest environment for myself and for my family.

How do you deal with the stress of it all?


I like doing guided meditation. Sometimes it’s just spending five or 10 minutes breathing and being connected to my body.

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What’s your favorite workout?

I like to do hot yoga and sculpt yoga. I also do spin classes with my friends. I find that working out with my friends to really fun music is, in a way, a meditation.



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