These must-haves for your gym bag let you freshen up after a workout

3-in-1 razor comes with its own water and soap. Credit - Sphynx
3-in-1 razor comes with its own water and soap.

Although a lunchtime kundalini yoga class or after-work-but-before-drinks spin session sounds great in principle, it might not always be convenient; not all gyms have showers.

But several natural and convenient products on the market are directed specifically toward people who aim to weave a workout into their daily schedules.

Here are some must-have items to toss into your gym bag so you’ll always be ready when the mood to exercise strikes.

Moist wipes from Recess can be used in place of a shower.

For a just-showered feeling without the water, Recess makes body wipes with sweat-busting eucalyptus and soothing chamomile. Swipe one over your body after a workout and you’re good to go. The brand also makes specific deodorant wipes and others to cleanse the face. $26 for a pack of 15 at


With a base of tapioca starch instead of talc, the Dry Shampoo from Derma-e is designed to leave none of the white residue often associated with powdered shampoos. The product also contains sodium bicarbonate and cocoa fruit powder to absorb oil and sweat. The tip applicator helps control how much you use. $10.99 at

(Derma E)


You’ve worked out hard and everything aches — but you can’t go home and soak in a bath just yet. Malibu-based yoga instructor Danielle Cuccio’s line, Cuccio Somatology, has a salve that absorbs into the skin and has a mild eucalyptus scent. Her Yogahhh! Muscle Fitness Balm is specifically for post-workout strains and contains mastiha — a rare tree resin said to have anti-inflammatory properties. $15.95 at

(Cuccio Somatology)


And if you’re getting dressed and notice a wayward patch of body hair, there’s a woman’s razor from Los Angeles-based brand Sphynx that comes with its own soap and water. The nifty circular implement has a blade, a tiny refillable water bottle and a small slab of soap; just squirt, lather and shave. Refill packs also available. The Sphynx comes in teal, pink, purple and black. $15 at and in Target stores.