Kneady ball can help ease knee pain, stiffness

The rubber kneady ball created by Jill Miller for Equinox is aimed at the knee’s suprapatellar pouch, providing a massage that can ease tightness.

If you have knee pain, we’ve got a remedy for you. Called the kneady ball, this therapy ball (or tennis ball) massage developed by Jill Miller for the Rx Series class at Equinox gyms eases stiffness and soreness, allowing you to move like your old self again.

What it does

The rubber therapy ball digs into the suprapatellar pouch, massaging the area where the quadriceps muscles converge, loosening tightness and allowing the knee to track more smoothly.


What to do

Come down to the floor on hands and knees with a ball and a yoga block. Take the therapy ball and dig it in just above your knee, displacing some of the flesh, until the skin crinkles or dimples. Place the leg with the ball on top of the block, resting on your hands and the other knee.

From here, simply bend and straighten your leg behind you to move the ball up and down above your knee. The ball won’t travel very far.

Next, move the ball side to side across the same area by internally and externally rotating your leg. The best way to do this is to wave your foot from right to left. Repeat on the other leg.

How much

Spend a minute bending and straightening and a minute moving the ball across each leg.


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