Here’s one pool exercise that kicks core, glutes and more into action

Fitness expert John Platero show us an exercise in the pool that will work your lower back, glutes and hamstrings

You’ve probably never seen an exercise like this before. But this pool move does it all: keeps you cool during the dog days of summer, provides head-to-toe resistance training and also gives you a cardio jolt.

Get ready to salute the flag, says John Platero, chief executive of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers.

What it does

This move hits the core, lower back, glutes, hamstrings and even provides a little chest and arm action. Moreover, it gives your hip flexors and spine much needed stretching.


What to do

As you’re looking up to the sky, reach behind your head and hold on to the edge of the pool. Then, “extend yourself out like a flag,” Platero says. Begin kicking backward with a semi-stiff leg, alternating legs. This is going to feel weird and awkward, like you are using your heels to strike out at something behind you. You’ll struggle to hold on to the edge of the pool, but all that grappling just adds to the workout.

“Really try to get as much extension as you can with your hamstrings,” he said. There are no extra points for speed. You’re going for form, and fighting the resistance provided by the water.

How much

Try to work yourself up to 50 reps per leg. “You’re in the water. Have fun with it,” he said.