Try This!: Jump in the pool for a three-move core workout

Fitness expert John Platero show us three exercises in the pool to help you with your core.

When you’re looking for a core workout, you probably don’t think about the pool. But John Platero, director of education for the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, says this three-move pool circuit is a great way to pay some attention to your six-pack.

What it does

These three moves — the torso twist, the fish and punches — work your core from a variety of angles.

What to do


Torso twist: Crouch in the water until it’s nearly shoulder depth. Put your arms straight out in front of you, shoulder height, palms facing each other. Now “grab the water and twist,” Platero says, side to side. Your glutes will also get a workout just to keep you in position. Don’t hunch over. Keep your chin and chest up and facing forward.

The fish: Take a break to catch your breath if needed before performing this floating move, and stand to breathe and rest as needed during repetitions. We’re not after speed, we’re after form and resistance. Stretch out face-down in the water, arms shooting up ahead. Begin by alternately swaying your hands and feet to the left, then the right, so you are wriggling like a fish. This is a challenging movement, and it’s very subtle.

Punches: Stand in water that’s about shoulder height. Alternate punching arms while also shifting your feet front and back. Almost like running, but without lifting your feet very much. Expect to wobble all over the place with the motion, but struggling to maintain your form is part of the resistance workout. Start with a minute and then work on increasing the time. “After five minutes, you’re going to be cooked,” Platero promises.

How much


Do as many reps or as much time as you comfortably can before going on to the next move.