How to hang on to your yoga glow long after class is over


Hey, yoga lovers – your numbers in the U.S. are growing.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of yoga practitioners in the United States – up to 36.7 million from 20.4 million in 2012, according to a study conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance.

And the study predicts that 80 million Americans will at least try yoga this year.

No surprise, then, that yoga-related industries including accessories constitute a $16-billion-a-year business. Even small yoga studios now have retail space, and more brands are launching with yogis in mind.

“Over the last year we’ve noticed more products become available for this market, particularly facial and body wipes, hand sanitizers and body sprays.… Generally during the mid-morning and afternoon classes our students are so on-the-go that they don’t have a lot of extra time to shower [immediately after a yoga session],” says Megan Watumull, director of retail at Yoga Works, which offers classes nationwide. “I’ve also seen a surge in popularity of essential oils. Products like lavender sprays and rosewater sprays are also very popular because they extend the feeling of well-being yoga can create.”


Another newcomer to the yoga wellness scene is YUNI, launched last year by Emmanuel Rey and his wife, Suzanne Dawson. YUNI, Seekers of Good, is a line of personal care products created especially for yoga practitioners. (The couple were previously high-powered execs at Aveda and are both trained Ashtanga yoga teachers.)

People who are serious about yoga want to “practice and workout more often, but there’s a time crunch,” Rey said. Consumers are looking for items that are versatile, portable and multitasking. They also “expect brands and products they use to embody their values and seamlessly fit into their healthy lifestyles.”

Here are some products we found that will help you recover faster, make daily yoga routines more pleasurable — and help you hang on to that post-yoga glow longer.