Live chat: Times editors Jimmy Orr, Tony Pierce on losing weight

Times editors Jimmy Orr and Tony Pierce are losing weight (or at least, trying to), and are writing about it daily on Booster Shots.

As Jimmy pointed out on Tuesday, they've had a lot of support so far:

LisaFlorida writes to Tony: "Your diet is crap. You should see a dietician."

"Oatmeal is not a diet food," AmyAlkon writes.

On Thursday, they'll be chatting with readers at 1 p.m. PST/3 p.m. CT/4 p.m. EST. Stop by below and share your own diet and fitness tips.

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Photo: Tony Pierce makes a salad in the Times' cafeteria at lunchtime Wednesday. He was torn about what beverage to choose, after being criticized for drinking diet soda. But after being told that Weight Watchers allows diet drinks, he grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper. Credit: Los Angeles Times