Healthcare law explained comic-book style? That’s what this graphic novel promises

If you don’t understand the healthcare act President Obama signed into law last year, maybe a comic strip or two can help. MIT economist and presidential advisor Jonathan Gruber is helping create a graphic novel to better explain the law -- just as repeal efforts are taking hold in Congress.

Don’t expect any superheroes or caped crusaders in this explanation. The book, due out in September, has the straightforward title “Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary, How it Works.”

There already are government websites devoted to explaining the Affordable Care Act to Americans. Here’s the White House’s website, which offers facts at a glance and recent news about the law and the Department of Health & Human Services’ primer at

And this Orlando Sentinel photo gallery looks at healthcare changes that could affect Americans this year, as shown in pictures.

Still confused? Maybe the comic book is the answer -- if you can wait until September.