Captain America: Chris Evans’ buff bod is more than meets the CGI


If you’re looking for tips on how Chris Evans went from brawny to scrawny in the upcoming movie “Captain America: The First Avenger,” you’ll need to pull back on the protein shakes and pick up some Photoshop skills -- it took a lot of special effects to make the toned actor look like the skinny military hopeful he’s supposed to be at the beginning of the story.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Evans told Reuters. “They took shape out of my jaw line, they shrunk my skeleton and they made my shoulders less broad.”

Those rippling muscles on his Captain America alter-ego, however, are anything but CGI -- the actor put on 15 pounds of muscle to play the part.


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(Here’s a teaser: Even when it comes to buffing up for an über-manly character, you can have too much of a good thing. Read on.)

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