Golf: It’s not just a sport for adults, says Annika Sorenstam


Annika Sorenstam took up golf at the age of 12 and her trajectory has been upward since then. The Swedish-born golf champ has scores of LPGA tournament wins and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2003. Join a live Web chat with Sorenstam on Monday, and learn how a regular exercise routine can lead to a better golf game, as well as how golf can help kids stay fit.

Sorenstam started the ANNIKA Foundation in 2008 to develop sports and fitness and golf programs for youth, partnering with organizations such as The First Tee. We asked about the benefits of golf for boys and girls.

“Golf teaches you a lot about life,” she said. “Like any other sport it teaches you muscle control, and if you walk a golf course it’s about five miles, so that’s good exercise. But it also teaches you about patience, being focused, determination, and how to listen to instructions.”


Having an early exposure to sports is advantageous, she added: “If kids play sports they have a good chance of staying in sports after school and throughout life. I think that’s really key -- staying active and being outside. You can play golf at any age, which is why it’s such a wonderful game.”

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