Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris call off their May-December wedding

Sad news today at the Playboy Mansion: Playmate Crystal Harris is not marrying Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, according to Hefner himself.

“The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart,” the would-be groom, 85, tweeted earlier today.

Crystal, 25, may be doing her longevity a favor. Studies show that so-called May-December weddings, which typically involve a younger woman and a much older man, are more beneficial for the husband than the wife.

Men benefit greatly from having a younger spouse, studies show -- their mortality rate can drop 11% if they’re just seven to nine years older than their wives, compared with husbands who are the same age as their wives.


The same does not hold true for women. According to a study published last year in the journal Demography, the larger the age gap between husband and wife -- whether the husband was older or younger -- the shorter the wife’s lifespan.

So for those ladies thinking of pulling a Demi Moore and finding their very own Ashton Kutcher, think again.

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