Angelenos are having the most sex in the U.S. ... but was it good for you?

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Cue the Barry White music: Angelenos are having sex more often than other poor slobs around the country, according to the Trojan U.S. Sex Census.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah.

We’re acknowledging right up front that maybe the national 1,000-person survey sponsored by Trojan isn’t the most scientific investigation on sex in the history of mankind, but what the heck, L.A. is No. 1! Well, sort of.


According to the survey, the average 18-and-older American has sex 120 times per year, but Angelenos are doing it 135 times a year. Yet we also rank seven out of 10 on the satisfaction scale at 75%. What gives, L.A.? Are we too stressed from texting our agents and sitting on the 405 and waiting for a table at Umami Burger to be fulfilled in our sexual encounters? By the way, Angelenos are also most likely to have faked an orgasm. Because we have more actors here?

Philadelphia ranked 10th in sex frequency at 99 times per year, but was No. 1 for satisfaction level at 82%. Go figure.

While 47% surveyed considered themselves moderate in terms of sexual adventurousness, Los Angeles had the highest level of adventurousness. And Southerners are most likely to believe in abstinence before marriage, but San Franciscans are least likely to wait until the certificate is signed.

Maybe the low satisfaction thing in L.A. is linked to the recent American Fitness Index results released by the American College of Sports Medicine. In that, L.A. (including Long Beach and Orange County) is ranked 41 out of 50 American cities on the “state of health and fitness at the metropolitan level,” according to the release. It seems things like diabetes rates plus a dearth of public venues such as parks, dog parks, golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools may be making us less healthy and fit.

So come on, let’s go for a jog and see if the sex improves.