Try This: The Superman, for a strong back

You may think you’re a man or woman of steel, but without a strong back, those rippling abs don’t mean a thing.

The Superman exercise, demonstrated here by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and featured on his “Harley’s Hollywood Workout” video, will build strength in your lower back, helping to prevent lower back pain and improve your balance. It also gives you a nice rear view.

What it does


The exercise strengthens your lower back muscles as well as the upper portion of your glutes.

What to do

Start by lying face down on the mat with your arms and legs extended, toes pointing to the floor and thumbs pointing to the ceiling. Lift arms and legs simultaneously, pulling your shoulders back and down and keeping head in a neutral position in line with your spine.

Pause at the top with your abdominals contracted, before lowering to your starting position on the mat. Repeat. If you want to make the exercise more challenging, try lifting from a hover just off the mat without touching down until you have finished your repetitions.

How much

Start with 10 repetitions and work up to two or three sets of 20.