‘Souping’ is the new juicing: 3 places to get your broth on

Many would argue that a daily regimen of fresh vegetable juicing is a worthwhile habit to cultivate.

But when temperatures drop and the body craves something warmer, “souping” can be a healthful alternative.

Here are some brands that make it easy — for a price, of course — to include fresh, homemade soups into a daily diet.


New York-based chef and nutritionist Nicole Centeno, author of the new “Soup Cleanse Cookbook,” a program that advocates one day a week of nothing but soups, and then to swap a regular meal for soup for the next five days. Followers have one cheat day a week.

“It’s really a low-level fasting experience where you’re not going to feel deprived, that leave you full and satisfied,” she said. Don’t want to cook the book? Her company, Splendid Spoon, ships nutrient-rich vegan soups nationwide: offerings include a tomato and turnip pistou or a cumin sweet potato with cashews and cilantro as part of the five-day swap. A one-day soup cleanse incorporates bottles of cauliflower coconut, carrot turmeric and a shiitake mushroom vegan bone broth. Priced from $55 for five soups.

Bone broths are a hot trend in the health food space, often used by those who are on fasts or cleanses; animal bones are roasted for up to 24 hours and simmered with herbs and spices for up to two days to create a liquid that is full of collagen and amino acids.

Los Angeles-based company Brothee does the work for you, and then bottles its organic bold beef, roast chicken, turkey and duck bone and vegan wild mushroom broth (made with protein-rich chaga and shiitake mushrooms). The company also makes small jars of flavored ghee (basil pesto, harissa): add a dollop to the broth to create a more substantial meal.

Ghees are $5, bone broth from $8. Available at several farmers markets including those in Brentwood, Larchmont, Malibu and Melrose Place, and delivery to certain areas around Los Angeles.

The colorful, creamy soups from Sonoma brand Zupa Noma look like they could be juices. They are packaged to be sipped on-the-go straight out of the BPA-free bottle or warmed up and served in a bowl. The organic vegan offerings include a spicy, immunity-boosting turmeric-infused yellow pepper habanero, a lycopene-rich tomato gazpacho or a carotene-filled carrot coconut lime blend. Each 12-ounce serving has between 70 and 150 calories.

From $5.99. Available at Sprouts and through home or office delivery.