'Treehouse Masters' Season 2 finale: Cee Lo Green pays a visit [video]

In the Season 2 finale of Animal Planet's "Treehouse Masters" (airing 10 p.m. Friday and repeating the following week), arboreal architect Pete Nelson branches out to build a two-story recording facility with guest quarters in a grove of cedars at Bear Creek Studio outside Seattle.

"It had to have a great vibe, and Pete is all about vibe," said owner Ryan Hadlock, who has recorded Eric Clapton, Foo Fighters and the Lumineers. The new treehouse studio was inaugurated by Cee Lo Green.

"He played a bit of his song 'Amy' and we had a dance party," Nelson said. "I'm a little fearful of what that is going to look like on TV. I love to dance, but it's not pretty."


With faceted walls to bounce sound and chunky cork insulation that looks like tree bark, the studio is a handsome example of Nelson's ingenuity that impressed the singer and coach on "The Voice."

"You don't get the opportunity to record 18 feet above the ground every day and Pete was definitely able to pull off the first-ever treehouse recording studio," Green said by email. "Now I just need him to build me‎ one at my house!"‎

Well, take a number, Cee Lo.

Nelson, author of the forthcoming book "Be in a Treehouse" (his sixth book on the subject, due in March) will be renovating his own farmhouse and starting work on a seventh treehouse for visitors to Treehouse Point, his above-ground  bed and breakfast in Issaquah, Wash.

And he's already scouting new projects for a proposed third season of "Treehouse Masters." To apply, visit animal or