What's the Catch

Travelers are already adept at carrying credit cards, ATM cards, phone cards and hotel key cards. Now there's another piece of plastic to pack: the coded card that opens RoadWired's innovative KeyCard Luggage Lock. The sleek little lock secures suitcases without the need to carry minuscule keys or remember a combination. In fact, because the lock has no keyhole or dials, it's unclear how to open it. Only the initiated know it works by slipping in the wallet- or key-chain-sized key card.

KeyCard Luggage Lock, $19.85 for two locks from Magellan's, (800) 962-4943, www.magellans.com; or $9.95 for one from RoadWired, (877) HELLO RW (435-5679), www.roadwired.com.

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