In Wolfeboro, a respite for the Romneys

WOLFEBORO, N.H.— Mitt Romney seemed content to let Democrats have the spotlight during the Labor Day holiday Monday.

While President Obama campaigned in Ohio and Democratic leaders assembled for this week’s nominating convention in Charlotte, N.C., Romney spent a quiet day with his wife, Ann, at his vacation home on Lake Winnipesaukee, enjoying lunch on the porch of their home but mostly staying out of view.

After leaving his party’s convention in Tampa, Fla., the Republican nominee wrapped up a tour of Florida, Louisiana and Ohio on Saturday night. The only public sighting of Romney on Monday was at the marina that fixes his boats.


The candidate, barefoot and dressed in a white polo shirt and checked swim trunks, arrived with his wife to fuel up his black ski boat and pick up a Sea-Doo that was being repaired at Goodue & Hawkins.

Ann, in a striped swimsuit with her hair in a ponytail, put on a blue flotation vest and rode the red Sea-Doo home while her husband chatted with the repair shop manager.

Though he shook hands with other boaters at the dock, Romney seemed to be a enjoying a rare moment out of the public eye. He startled NBC News reporter Garrett Haake, suddenly appearing behind Haake in a line at the marina.

“Garrett, what are you doing here?” Romney asked.

After Haake explained he was there to rent a boat, Romney dryly replied: “You won’t catch me.”

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