Letters: Healthcare's key component

Re "Stories you won't hear from GOP," Column, Nov. 27

Michael Hiltzik cites a number of cases that appear to show the benefits of Obamacare. What he fails to address are two very important factors: access to and quality of care.

The questions are these: Will the less-expensive insurance plans offer patients the ability to see their new doctors in a timely fashion? And will the quality of their care be as good as they had from their former providers?

Given the millions of newly insured people and the number of physicians who will either retire or refuse to accept patients covered by Obamacare, some people may find their newly acquired insurance is not as good as Hiltzik reports.

Being able to get health insurance is important, but the ability to see a doctor and get high-quality care is essential.

Eugene Strull, MD

Los Angeles


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