Original works created by L.A.’s artist community — and the stories behind them.

Last One Left’s Christopher M. Bailey’s latest collection is an experiment in sustainably remixing the fashion of yesterday.

What is emerging? Where are we headed? What is in the future? Listen to artist Edgar Fabián Frías and what will be will be.

You cannot beg a god for forgiveness, but you can be ready when he hints at offering it after a long standoff.

A tribute to Lionel Morales, a displaced community member of Historic Filipinotown

This story is part of Image issue 10, ‘Clarity,’ a living document of how L.A. radiates in its own way.

Glen Wilson’s ‘Desert Totem’ might help you find your own answers to life’s most pressing questions — if you can track it down.

Sara Borjas is a self-identified Xicanx pocha and a Fresno poet. Her poem ‘Self-Portrait as Mojave Phone Booth’ is part of Image issue 8, ‘Deserted.’

Elaine Kahn lives in L.A. and teaches at Poetry Field School. Her poem ‘A WORLD THAT IS NOT REALLY A WORLD’ is part of Image issue 8, ‘Deserted.’

Christine Larusso is an L.A.-based poet. Her poem ‘WHITE GOLD’ is part of Image issue 8, ‘Deserted.’

The flag is deemed a hazardous symbol when it exhibits characteristics such as the attack on women’s reproductive rights, empty patriotism and nationalism.

Join Las Fotos Project on the pitch to see how the game of soccer is played through their lens.

‘Ceramics has become a means of escape for me — a reprieve from social media, the latest trends and the hype of sneaker releases,’ says artist London James.

Making art involves seeing. Seeing is acknowledging history.

Jon Perdomo and Jerrilyn Peralta are an L.A.-based couple who have decided to take their houseplant passion to the next level.