The 2022 Image Makers

Image Makers opening spread for Image Issue 13, September 2022.
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This story is part of Image issue 13, “Image Makers,” a celebration of the L.A. luminaries redefining the narrative possibilities of fashion. Read the whole issue here.

The cornerstone of image making is adding value so others can do the same. Last year, the Image Makers of L.A. tried to tell you: Style is a communal affair. So, this year, we’ve decided to double down, and let a new class of Image Makers show you where fashion is going: to the root.

Our second installment of Image Makers is about synthesizing and seizing all the means of production. The designers, models, fashion workers, artists in this issue have something radical in store.

There is no normalcy to the clothing artist Sonya Sombreuil makes. She is moving at her own speed.

Guillermo Juarez’s designs are symbols of fullness and holiness — and love offerings to the higher power that watches over Los Angeles.

Model Sarita Fernandez and makeup artist Selena Ruiz on the power of gassing each other up on set and ending the night at Phở 87.

Modeling doesn’t have to be about clout or fame. It can be an expression of how one moves through the world.

The L.A.-based designer behind TOMBOGO uses sustainable materials to create clothes that feel fluid, scrappy and utilitarian.

Modeling is a call to visibility and to being trans loudly: “I love being playful with the real world.”

The L.A. duo is pushing their craft into more expansive, sometimes challenging territory by leaning on each other.

With each collection, the experimental designer traces the myriad inspirations from the city that she draws from regularly: her community, the evening light, the scrambled architecture of L.A.

Through modeling, she’s breaking out of the identity she’s felt boxed into for the last two years — the organizer who was arrested and is still facing charges.

Suay Sew Shop is attempting something that feels necessary: showing that waste is a choice that doesn’t need to be made.

In L.A.’s competitive vintage scene, Nick Flanagan and Lex Muro specialize in showing you the right way to take it back.

The skater and model didn’t need the industry to show her what was cool. She figured it out by getting right within.

The Polio brothers are shaking up the modeling game with a bond that’s hard to explain.

Physical spaces in L.A. have always been sacred. Ashley S.P. and Jennifer Zapata see their concept shop as a vehicle for community and an homage to their friendship.