16 gifts to make life easier for people who WFH

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Many of us had to quickly adjust to working from home when L.A. locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some workers splurged on ergonomic swivel chairs and all the usual home-office accouterments early on — but lots of us are continuing to get by using kitchen tables and couches as our workspace.

Are there remote workers in your life who could benefit from some gadgets and accessories to make their professional lives easier? These gift ideas are sure to please anyone hoping to start 2022 with a home-office refresh.

‘Currently overthinking’ Post-it notes

A pink pad of Post-it notes with "Currently overthinking" printed at the top
(Effie’s Paper)

Sure, regular sticky notes get the job done. But why not gently poke fun at yourself with these “Currently overthinking” Post-it notes? At $5, they make for an affordable but stylish stocking stuffer.

$5 | 👉 Purchase here


Urbanista noice-canceling headphones

A pair of over-the-ear headphones

These noise-canceling Miami headphones are marketed toward people who will use them to play their favorite tunes — but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to drown out the competing sounds of your housemate’s calls during your workday. With four colors to pick from and a chargeable battery that offers up to 50 hours of playtime, you’ll be able to work uninterrupted in style. If you step out for a walk, don’t forget to flip on the “Ambient Sound Mode,” designed to filter in important noises so you won’t be caught unaware.

$149 | 👉 Purchase here

‘Do Not Disturb’ door tag

Wooden door tags with "Do Not Disturb" inscribed.

Tired of being interrupted during important Zoom calls? This handmade “Do Not Disturb” tag — perfect for a home office — will let your housemates know when you aren’t available to discuss lunch plans or the latest episode of “Ted Lasso.”

Created with 4 mm beech or walnut plywood, the tags are made to last.

Starting at $12.17 | 👉 Purchase here


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SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedic

A navy blue seat cushion

If you’ve been using your hardwood kitchen chair as a substitute for a desk chair while working from home, chances are you could use some relief. This chair cushion is designed to relieve backside pressure and distribute body weight evenly to maximize comfort while sitting. The contoured foam cushion is a particularly good find for anyone experiencing lower back pain or soreness.

$89 | 👉 Purchase here

Clip-on ring light

A clip-on ring light
(Chika Ugwuanyi)

This adjustable ring light is an ideal gift for anyone trying to up their video-call game. With a clip that can be attached to your desk and a gooseneck, this light is easy to incorporate into your remote work setup. And no need to purchase batteries — it comes with a USB charging cable.

Done with calls for the day? The light can also be used as a lamp to brighten up any office space.


About $35 | 👉Purchase here

Bullet Journal

A black journal on top of another journal that's open
(Bullet Journal)

This helpful notebook is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone whose work habits need a refresh in the new year. Bullet journaling is described as “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system” — and who would turn down the chance to be a little more mindful and productive in 2022?

Good for Bullet Journal devotees and beginners alike, the Edition 2 notebook comes complete with a pocket guide, so recipients will be ready to hit the ground running.

$26 | 👉 Purchase here

Cable organizer

Cables separated by a wooden organizer

Help your loved ones get their home office under control with this simple but stylish wooden cable organizer. Four separate cables can be threaded through the slots of the handcrafted organizer, which can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Starting at $22.59 | 👉 Purchase here


Jungalow blanket

A yellow blanket with giraffes on it.

As the weather gets chillier, this soft cotton blanket is sure to add some coziness to any home office. You’ll get extra points if the person you’re shopping for is an animal lover — with its bold giraffe print, this blanket will be a hit with anyone who loves wildlife.

$109 | 👉 Purchase here

Evapolar personal air cooler

A small air conditioner

Summer 2022 may feel like a long way off, but who wouldn’t want to be prepared for L.A.’s next heat wave? These “whisper quiet” air coolers are lightweight and come with a handle, so it’s easy for users to take them from room to room as they move around their homes.

With an extended tank, users can stay cool for up to nine hours. Another plus? The coolers can be powered with a laptop, as well as a power socket or power bank.

$99 | 👉 Purchase here


3-D-printed pen holders

Three pen holders with a geometric design
(Kingdom Print Works)

These 3-D-printed pen holders will infuse any home office with a modern pop of color. The cups are made from nontoxic, biodegradable material and come in a variety of colors. Hoping to match the pen holders to your desk? The shop fills custom color orders as well.

Starting at $9.90 | 👉 Purchase here

Under-desk drawer

An open desk drawer
(Joshua Wang)

Extra storage is always a good thing. That’s what makes this under-desk drawer an ideal gift for remote workers. The drawer comes with its own 3M adhesive, making the setup process simple and stress-free.

Starting at $19.88 | 👉 Purchase here

Bombas Gripper ankle socks

Bombas Grippers ankle socks

Vibe-wise, spending the whole day in your stocking feet is dangerously close to wearing pajamas, and there’s that whole slipping-and-falling thing to consider. Cute socks with rubber traction soles tell the world it’s a lifestyle choice, not just laziness.


$14.50 | 👉 Purchase here

Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 411

Air purifiers: They’re not just for fire season anymore. For one thing, “fire season” now means anything from Memorial Day to Thanksgiving if you live anywhere west of the Rockies. But also, working from home means spending your day in the same rooms where you cook your meals, and cooking fumes can drive up your AQI just as quickly as wildfires. Do your lungs a favor and plug in one of these efficient and handsome little units.

$119.99 | 👉 Purchase here

Look Optic blue-light readers

Look Optic blue -light readers
(Look Optic)

Spends all day looking at a glowing laptop screen and all evening looking at a glowing TV screen, with frequent breaks to check their glowing phone screen: Sound like everyone you know? Some research has shown lenses that filter out high-frequency blue light can reduce eyestrain and improve sleep quality, and while the evidence for those claims is mixed, there’s no question these frames will make anyone who wears them look like Elliott Gould in some cool ’70s film.

$78 | 👉 Purchase here


Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling Slipper

Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling Slipper

You can’t really ever be too good to your feet, can you? Sure, those grippy Bombas are a must-have, but your feet will be extra happy if you pair them with these cozy shearling home slippers. They provide cushioning, while adding some style to your work-from-home wardrobe.

$99.95 | 👉 Purchase here

Hatch Restore sound machine and alarm light

Hatch Restore sound machine and alarm light

The power nap is the ultimate work-from-home perk, but it’s all too easily jeopardized by a neighbor’s leaf-blowing or a roommate’s noisy Zoom. Block the sonic intrusions out with soothing sounds ranging from a babbling brook to rumbling clothing dryers. If you’re one of those people who work from bed — no judgments — the Restore also makes a perfect night light and gentle alarm clock.

$130 | 👉 Purchase here


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Times staff writer Jeff Bercovici contributed to this report.